Gifts and Awards

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topic on Gifts and Awards!

Gifts and Awards becomes a frequent topic and the age-old question arises: when does a gift or award become taxable, and how does the CRA’s exemption work?

This session is presented by Christie Tsartolias, CPM, Founder of Payroll Doctor.

Christie is an expert in Canadian Payroll and has been working in the field for more than 20 years.  She thrives on sharing her knowledge and her knack is getting her participants to “get it” by using an interactive teaching style.

During the webinar, we’ll go through the details of the CRA and RQ’s gift and award policy in order to clarify this complex & confusing topic.  You’ll even receive a PDF cheat sheet that can be used as a quick reference going forward!

Topics covered during the 60-minute webinar:

Policy on Annual Exemption

Gift Certificates / Gift Cards

Long Service Awards

Items of Small or Trivial Value

Gifts & Awards provided by a Social Committee

Awards provided by Manufacturers

Draws and Door Prizes

Points Programs

And much more…

Closing with: Common Questions and Answers

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