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  • Has your business experienced a decrease in revenue due to the economic crisis we are facing because of the COVID-19 pandemic?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with the numerous subsidies and credits that are now available and wondering whether your business is eligible to claim them?

  • Would your business benefit from an immediate cash flow injection from one or more of the available subsidies & credits (without having to apply for a business loan)?


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and Revenu Quebec (RQ) have made new subsidies and credits available to claim in order to assist businesses in this time of need. The Temporary Wage Subsidy of 10% (TWS) and the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy of 75% (CEWS), among other credits, are now available to claim.

Eligibility for the subsidies and credits all differ and are very complex resulting in employers being unclear on whether they are even eligible. The additional stress caused from attempting to understand how the subsidies work and determining the eligible subsidy amounts that employers are responsible to calculate can certainly seem overwhelming, especially in addition to the already stressful economic circumstance.

This service, which is offered virtually, includes:

-Assistance with determining your business’s eligibility for each of the subsidies and credits available.

-Calculation of the credit and subsidies using reporting and your business’s payroll records.

-Filing of the application(s).

Revive your business now and take advantage of this newly created, one-of-a-kind service.


  • Has your payroll administrator unexpectedly quit or gone on a leave and you’re unable to find a quality replacement in a timely manner?

  • Are you looking for a cost-effective and efficient manner of processing your payroll without paying costly employer contributions and fringe benefits?


Payroll Doctor can alleviate this stress by providing a Canadian payroll expert to learn your payroll quickly and temporarily process your payroll from A-Z until a new payroll administrator is hired. We can even train your new hire in order to provide a seamless transition. Alternatively, we may continue to process your payroll on a permanent manner if this option is chosen.

Stress no more and take advantage of this truly unique service.


  • Are you concerned that certain elements of your payroll are not compliant?

  • Have you ever received notices from the government advising of insufficient contributions or advise of late filing?


After filing year-end tax slips, some employers regularly receive fines, penalties, and/ or interest as a result of errors of insufficient contributions or in reporting. Most employers simply end up paying these fines as they’re unable to detect where they went wrong and feel like they’re left without an alternate option in the midst of their other day-to-day operations.

A more proactive approach would be to have a payroll compliancy verification to catch errors and to correct them to avoid this costly and stressful issue every year.

This service is performed by a Canadian payroll expert. Ideally, it is best to take advantage of this service at around the mid year mark (in order to have more time to correct errors), but can be used at any time of the year.

Payroll Compliancy Check is a verification of payroll configuration, which includes:

-Review of the T4 and RL-1 mapping (verification of all earnings, deductions, and taxable benefits and allowances on where they’re being reported to on the tax slips).

-Verification of settings of all earnings, deductions, and taxable benefits and allowances to confirm the correct application of statutory deductions and employer contributions.

-Set-up/ Correction of reporting for:

                -WCB, CNESST, WSIB

                -EHT Ontario

                -EHT British Columbia


-Determining whether CPP/QPP, EI, and QPIP deficiencies exist for the current year.

-Balancing of statutory remittances to the CRA and RQ for the current year.

Get your payroll in check with Payroll Doctor.


  • Have your Year-Ends been stressful?

  • Have you had issues dealing with all the different governmental requirements, filings, and declarations on time and accurately?

  • Have you had to pay fines, penalties, and/or interest for late filings or incorrect remittances?

  • Do you want to take control of your year-end this time around?


If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then Payroll Doctor can help!

This service is performed by a Canadian payroll expert and should ideally be taken advantage of from January to February of the year following the tax year you wish to file.

Year-End processing services include:

-Balancing of statutory remittances

-Determining if CPP/QPP, EI, QPIP deficiencies exist and correct the issue causing them.

-Review of the T4 and RL-1 mapping (verification that all earnings, deductions, taxable benefits and allowances are reported correctly on the tax slips).

-Verification of settings of all earnings, deductions, and taxable benefits and allowances to confirm the correct application of statutory deductions and employer contributions.

-Worker’s Compensation (WCB, WSIB, WorkSafe, or CNESST) filings of annual reporting.

-Providing list of employee invalid SIN and incomplete addresses.

-Processing of T4’s and RL-1’s and amendments if required.

-Assistance with the RL-1 Summary completion (RLZ-1.S)

Simplify your year-end process this year and take advantage of this one of a kind service!


  • Are you about to go through an ERP, CRM, or Payroll Implementation?

  • Have you falsely believed that the service provider would accurately set up your system or would provide more assistance with the implementation process?

  • Did you initially think that it would be less work?

  • Are you avoiding this project altogether to avoid an implementation headache?


If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then Payroll Doctor can help!

This service is performed by an implementation expert. This service should be used before commencing a system implementation to ensure that an accurate and efficient analysis of the project is performed prior to having started the implementation process; this is to ensure the success of your project from start to finish.


We can help with your Implementation by taking on the complete project management from start to end. This service would include:

-Performing an internal analysis of the current set-up.

-Determining the most ideal technological requirements based on internal needs and financial capacity.

-Meeting with product vendors and drafting a list of the 5 best suited potential providers based on fulfilling system requirements, service, & price.

-Providing assistance with selecting the successful product/ system vendor.

-Managing the implementation process from start to end from being the first point of contact with the product vendor, communicating product requirements, ensuring regular (ideally weekly or bi-weekly) meetings with vendor to ensure project deliverables are met.

-Parallel testing for 1-4 months (depending on the scale of the project) and ensuring corrections to set-up are accurately applied before going live.

-Ensuring go-live runs smoothly and communicating changes required.

A huge percentage of implementations fail in some manner. Don’t follow this trend with the majority of the crowd. Set your organization up for success on your implementation with Payroll Doctor.


  • Are you facing a merger or acquisition with an existing organization?

  • Will the separate payrolls need to get integrated together?


Organizations who have recently merged or acquired existing organizations will need to determine whether they fall under the government’s definition of succession of employers. Based on the determination, the employer must proceed in a specific manner to configure the already existing employees into the payroll system. Making this determination isn’t always easy or black and white. Furthermore, proceeding with a payroll integration is not something that most payroll administrators have ever performed and requires a lot of experience to proceed correctly and within compliance.

This exclusive service offers the following:

-Assistance with determining whether your organization falls under the definition of “succession of employers”.

-Guidance on how to go forward with the payroll integration based on the result of your organization’s specific situation.

-Integration of company policies and group insurance plans.

-Assistance with payroll system implementation.

Don’t under estimate the work required for payroll integrations after a merger or acquisition.


  • Is your payroll administrator or payroll team lacking knowledge in certain areas?

  • Have you or your payroll staff attended payroll courses, webinars or seminars only to come out even more confused or still lacking the desired knowledge?


Payroll courses are hard to find and often times the material is extremely rigid and doesn’t necessarily respond to the topic desired.

Search no more as this truly unique service offers a completely customized training created specifically for each employer’s needs. The training is created and delivered by a Canadian payroll expert who has a wealth of experience in creating and delivering payroll training. The instructor offers a unique teaching style and course material to get each individuals’ learning curve to “get it”!

This service offers training in any of the following topics, and more:

-Streamlining your internal payroll

-Taxable Benefits and allowances that pertain to your payroll

-Handling year-end with ease

-How to calculate a net pay

What are you waiting for? Continue your payroll education now and enjoy a payroll learning experience of a lifetime.

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