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Payroll Doctor’s webinars are interactive
60-minute online sessions.

They are delivered live and are also available on demand after the live production. A top of the line platform is used in order to provide an ultimate experience to participants and to promote a high level of engagement during the presentation.

During the live session, participants are able to raise their hand, ask a written question at any point of the session, answer survey questions during the presentation, and can see both the slides and the presenter in a live video.

In addition, if a participant still has questions pertaining to the webinar topic after the session, participants are able to email Payroll Doctor with their questions!


How to Correctly Complete the ROE

Original planned date May 13, 2020; new date to be announced

Paying Commissioned Employees

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Auto Taxable Benefits and Car Allowances

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

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Online Guides

Payroll Doctor’s Online guides are 30-minute sessions that are available on demand, meaning, participants won’t have to wait for a live presentation date to access the presentation.

The sessions are not provided live and are pre-recorded. These sessions are catered to individuals who need to access information quickly and easily without scouring through long and confusing government websites and guides.

The session includes the presentation of the slides, as well as the presenter on video. Participants will also receive a free PDF guide on the topic that they may reference as they please. If any further information is still required after going through the Online guide, participants are able to email Payroll Doctor with their questions!

Online Guides:

Completing the RL-1 Summary

Setting up New Payroll Codes