Configurer les nouveaux codes de paie dans votre système de paie (ce webinaire est disponible en anglais seulement actuellement)

During this session, participants will learn about the different situations when new payroll codes are created and how to carry out this extremely important task with confidence. Don’t be fooled in thinking your service provider will ensure a compliant set up. The employer is always responsible to ensure that their payroll codes are correctly set-up and applying the applicable statutory deductions and employer contributions (regardless if they use a service provider or not). Avoid costly errors and learn more on this important topic today!

This session is presented by Christie Tsartolias, CPM, President and Founder of Payroll Doctor.

Christie is an expert in Canadian Payroll and has been working in the field for more than 20 years. She thrives on sharing her knowledge and her knack is getting her participants to “get it” by using an interactive teaching style.

What you’ll get from the Online Guide:

  • A quick 30-minute video with slides where the presenter will take you through step by step on how to set up new payroll codes accurately.
  • A PDF document that can be used as a cheat sheet on setting up new codes (yours to keep!)
  • Free access to Payroll Doctor to send in your questions by email pertaining to setting up new payroll codes!

What you’ll learn from Payroll Doctor’s Online Guide: Setting up New Payroll Codes

  • Situations when a new payroll code may be required
  • Importance of accurately and correctly setting up new payroll codes
  • Consequences of incorrectly setting up pay codes
  • How to set-up new payroll codes
  • Verification that payroll codes have been accurately set-up
  • On-going verification to avoid issues
  • Closing with: Common Questions and Answers

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